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"While I was on Warped tour this year, a close family member fell very ill with cancer. During a major storm in Toronto, Luke (lostprophets drummer) and I were caught in the downpour and offered a hand to those struggling to keep their merchandise tents from collapsing and blowing away in the torrent. It just so happened that we took final refuge under the skate4cancer tent and this is how I first met Rob Dyer. Over the following few days I met with him often and felt immediately at ease in his company.

He has such a caring manner and our friendship naturally developed to where I felt comfortable to share personal information about my families ordeal with cancer. Sadly our loved one passed away a few days later. I was very thankful that I had met Rob for he offer me emotional support and a shoulder to cry on since I was thousands of miles away from my family who were mourning in Wales."

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  • Year:2012