Efficiency is the straightest path to Hell

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A more recent painting I made while my wife was pregnant with our son. I depicts a child bare back on a massive horse in an environment that can only be described as apocalyptic. There are no cars and the sky scrapers burn and crumble. The lasts attempts of humanity to plead for forgiveness and salvation go unheard in the form of erect crucifixes on top of the buildings. the innocence of the child and the pain and fear clearly visible in the permanently expression in her eyes.

The painting is my attempt to deal with fatherhood at a time when the majority of people are ignorant to the crisis we face and are using up our earth resources at a catastrophic rate. There is nothing more devastating or frightening to me than being impotent to this ignorance and not having the capacity to protect my family especially my child's future.

  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Size:4' x 3'
  • Year:2011
  • Efficiency is the straightest path to Hell