ELPIS - Hope

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I feel that I have reached another level with my work in these paintings. I feel I have finally after almost 40 years of trying to express myself, developed a language which speaks as clearly as ever what I wish to convey. This is a new dimension for me and my work and finally I can paint close to what I conceive in my mind. I seem to have far more patience than I did as a younger artist and this allows my to be less frantic and boisterous with my paint and compositions, the energy is more controlled and I am able to choose my expressions more concisely with clarity and control.

I believe that meditation and the study of Taoism has helped me develop my work to this point. I am very excited for future paintings now that I feel confident that I can say what I mean with far less noise and fat.

  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Size:4' x 3'
  • Year:2011
  • ELPIS - Hope