Magic is religion we don't believe in

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A painting I did that after studying theology and atheism for the past 5 years. It is a satirical take on blind and ignorant religious belief. As much as I am happy with the application of the painting I have become tired of the deliberate sweetness of the composition and tone. Whether this is because of how saturated the world is to the image of a crucified man or just because the satire seems to have over dominated the essence of the work, I am yet to discover.

It currently lives facing the wall in storage. I am not embarrassed nor offended by the painting, I am simple not keen contemporary depictions of Jesus as I feel they no longer have a place in an educated and open-minded humanity that needs to move beyond separatist theologies in order to survive.

  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Size:4' x 3'
  • Year:2010
  • Magic is religion we don't believe in