Beverly Hills Art Show

Hello friends!

Just a short blog letting you know what I’m up to this week and next. We’re doing Beverly Hills again this year which is super exciting. I asked if I could take my new 20 foot long canopy but I didn’t realize all the booths at BH are 10’. It means I’ll have to be super selective with what I bring. I’ve been painting larger studio pieces for the last few months and I’m only going to have room for a few of these. Which ones do you think I should bring?

I’m thrilled to have found homes for two of my large paintings recently with a valued collector in Palm Springs which I delivered last weekend and I’m heading back to San Diego tomorrow to have a consultation for a huge commission and also deliver a painting and meet with new collectors. I have never been in this position before struggling to keep up with demand and it’s just so amazing and emotional. I feel like I’ve finally arrived in dream I had all my life. After Beverly Hills I’ll be heading to Ojai for the Art in the Park Show. It’ll be my first time attending and I’m just thrilled To be a part of it since I love Ojai so much. We’re heading back to Europe this summer. Our plans are a little up in the air because we’d arrange to meet with family but sadly health complications may interfere. on so many levels I hope not, my boys haven’t seen their grandparents for over three years because of the pandemic and this would be tragic if we can make it happen. I painted a few new pieces last week for the upcoming shows, the first piece was a sunrise on a motorbike camping trip I recently took with my son and the second is work in progress of an Ocean scene I saw in San Diego the day before the Artwalk in Little Italy. Great News, I’ve been accepted to the Liberty Station art show in the fall (San Diego).

If you’re in LA next weekend come by and see me at the Beverly Hills show Booth #267

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