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New Tutorial video uploaded to my subscription channel

Hi friends, thank you for your support! I have a new tutorial added to my website. Part 1 is on my $4.99 basic level subscription and both parts 1 & 2 are available to the Advance level subscribers on the $9.99 per month channel. It's a full length tutorial approx 90 minutes long. It's a painting I just made of a boat on a canal in a place called Joinville in the NE part of France. The painting is 12x16" on canvas. I have implemented a whole bunch of new technical additions to my tutorial which hopefully streamlines the learning process and gives you even more content.

I am also working on a semester of tuition for one on one students and also small classes online. It will be a fully immersive 8 -10 week course with full tuition, assignments, feedback, equipment and materials and supplemental materials to get you from A to Z of Plein air and Studio landscape painting. I'll keep you posted of it's progress and the timeline of when it will launch and would love to hear from those who may be interested in signing up.

Here's a sample of the Tutorial. If you want more please visit my Tutorials page and subscribe to one of my channels.

Thank you so much!

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