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Hello and good day!

It‘s been a while, with good reason. I’ve taken a little time away from social media and stepped my online presence to focus completely on painting, my creative growth as well and emotional development. It has been very enlightening as well as liberating.

Art Fairs

I always had an inkling that doing the Art fairs in person would be rewarding both to help support my family financially but primarily rewarding to share my passion for my art in person with people interested to see and hear. It's always been a dream to have our own family Gallery and the art fairs are a first step in that direction. As it turns out, they have been so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined and in ways I didn't think possible. Our last show at Southwest Arts festival in Indio near Palm Springs was eye opening and it feels as though the stars aligned for us there.

Since that show, Michelle and I have pivoted and put all our attention on the upcoming fairs. Unlike online promotion and marketing, which often feels casting a fly into the open ocean and hoping for a bite, the art fair brings the potential of so many new collectors right to our gallery. Each new town offers a whole new market and opportunity to share my love for painting with new wonderfully interesting people. It reminds me of being a musician on tour and getting immediate feedback from performing our art in front of an audience.

Going big

The success of the last show allowed us to invest in a full size 20 foot booth canopy with dramatically more wall space. This in turn has allowed me to paint much bigger and since the Indio show I have put together a brand new body of large work. I have incorporated all the wonderful feedback and conversations I had at the shows to help guide the feel and subject of my new work and my wife has been a massive part of the process, bringing her interior design knowledge and experience to the project. Here are just a few quick examples of the large scale paintings I have been working on (better images of the framed works to come).

In addition, Michelle has taught and applied herself to the art of framing so that these new large paintings meet the highest possible standard that we pride ourselves in exhibiting.

Our next Art show at Indian Wells, near Palm Springs April 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be an unveiling of the new work and gallery space of which we are so proud.

The new paintings remain peaceful and harmonious, soothing and balanced. There is an expressive air to the painterly brush strokes but the serenity remains and the timeless landscapes and scenes evoke a calm and dreamy atmosphere. I will have 8 new large paintings on display two 36" squares, four 30x40" and two 36"x48" canvases

Featured Artist

Following this show I have the honour of being one of the featured artists at the upcoming Mission Fed Art Walk in Little Italy, San Diego at the end of April. Michelle and I are thrilled to be in prime location in the middle of India Street with our large 20 foot booth. I will continue to paint the larger studio paintings between the shows and hope to have more paintings of the Western coastline inspired by a recent research trip I took up through California and Oregon.

It has been so rewarding to focus on just making these paintings, clear and thorough without the need for constant approval from the online social community. Removing the distraction of feeling compelled to photograph or film every stage of the painting for likes has been liberating, stepping away from the ruthless demand to constantly produce daily content for the insatiable consuming online audience has been mentally and emotionally healing. I feel as though this peace and contentment has fed into each of my new paintings and I hope that it also evokes the same in the viewer. Either way I am excited to show the new work and get to see and hear the response in person in a few weeks.

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