'Wolf and the Rabbit' 2013 contemporary wrap

'Wolf and the Rabbit' 2013 Stretched Canvas, Signed Open Edition
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    PAY WHAT YOU WISH *We believe that Richard's work should be available for anyone to enjoy, and that it's perceived value is determined by you. Therefore, in keeping with our moral principle and to avoid price discrimination, we are offering this framed print at a starting point bare minimum cost to cover its materials. If you choose this base cost the art is free and our labor to print, frame, package and ship will not be added. At base price we take no profit at all. However, we give you multiple options to PAY WHAT YOU WISH in addition for the artwork, our time and passion Basically, you pay what we pay for the materials and then you have the option to choose a higher price point to include the value of the art itself and our efforts at your discretion. We are a grass roots family business and we do everything in-house, by hand by ourselves. Through our transparency you will know exactly what portion of your chosen payment goes to materials and what goes to support our family. PAY WHAT YOU WISH is aims to avoid price discrimination and to allow everyone the ability to pay their perceived value and enjoy owning art. You may even opt to pay the bare minimum up front and once you have received the product and feel it meets with your joyful expectations, make a post price donation to Richard J Oliver fine arts via paypal. We thank you for your support. Open Edition Stretched Giclee Print Archival ink Giclee printed Sunset Reserve Matte canvas signed by the artist. Contemporary black wrap (black edging) ready to hang. Canvas size 11 x 11" The framed print will be safely packed in a 18" x 22" x 2" box
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