Commissions and portraits


I am currently open to received commissions for paintings, both in my usual style and more formal realistic portraits. Due to my current waiting list any commissions may take up to 6-9 months to complete. I prefer to take reference photographs myself of the sitter when ever possible. I provide a drawing of the composition for approval before beginning the commissioned painting. My commissions prices are in keeping with the current exhibition value of my work starting at $2500 and up to $9000 depending on size, content and detail of final painting.

Please contact me directly to receive more specific information or to commission a painting

Realistic Portrait example


This painting is my most recent portrait commission in a traditional oil painting style. The work was influenced by the composition and emotional feel of the 19th Century genre artist Adolphe-William Bouguereau.


Realistic Portrait example


This is the second of the two most recent realistic portrait commissions I made. The feel of this painting was inspired by the natural light portraits of the Renaissance.


Usual Style commission example


A commission requested in my usual style adopts an artistic technique that may change the character of the sitter, the features are there but the likeness may lessen. My painting  adopts a more standard feature scaling which emphasises what we as humans are instinctually drawn to. The work is usually inspired by a photograph of the sitter rather than a strict portrait of the person.



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