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Figurative Paintings

"Richard J Oliver’s beautifully rich and profoundly rewarding imagery invokes a lexicon of visceral sentiments within us, which encourage our inevitably deep rooted emotional connections with his subjects. Oliver invites us to accompany him on his unfolding inner journey, through which he navigates the rocky terrain of the human condition. His paintings explore a myriad of themes attached to our search for greater awareness, of both our own interior landscapes and the external world around us. Favourite aspects of our existence for his consideration and enquiry, include: innocence, youth, struggle, survival, hope, fear, beauty and continuity. This subject matter is handled with the utmost sensitivity, which arrives before us having been filtered through Oliver’s perceptive wisdom. A wisdom he has nurtured through years of living an inspiringly receptive and considered life, the interpretation of which, is a credit to his discerning introspection and tenacious soul searching." -

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