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#DirtyGlass 2022 Calendar

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We have a New Arrival, perfect for a holiday gift or personal gift to yourself. Richard's very popular images of his Plein air art, have been made into this wonderful calendar for 2022. Taken from locations from all over Southern California, Easten Sierras, to Northern and Southern France. After completing a painting Richard holds up the finished piece of art and captures the beauty of the scene with the exquisite art work he has just painted. It's been named 'Dirty Glass' as a suggestion by a follower on instagram, because of the unique way Richards paintings line up and how incredibly realistic the paintings look but when you look closer the paintings themselves are wonderfully rich with expressive marks he makes with the paintbrush and the oil mediums he uses.

We love how these calendars turned out and we hope 2022 works out amazing for everyone, its got to start getting better, especially if you have this calendar ;)



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