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My brushes are Back in Stock!!!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I received another batch of my signature brush kit in collaboration with Rosemary brushes!!. order now for a chance to get them delivered before Christmas!!!!

The Richard J Oliver kit includes 12 brushes which are the finest quality artists brushes, hand made in the UK for 30 years. These brushes are my ‘go to’ styles and sizes whether I am out plein air painting or making art in the studio. The specifications of the brushes included in the set are as follows: ULTIMATE BRISTLE FILBERT - SIZE: 0, 2, 4 & 6 The filberts are great for a softer stroke. Often used for blending, or knocking back your edge work. I like them because they are versatile. You can use them for a sharp edge, but also when used for a full stroke the rounded edges make them a good softener. IVORY SHORT FLATS - SIZE: 3, 6 & 9 Short Flats allow a much sturdier brush with a stronger "snap" creating sharper edges and control. Ideal for blocking in and impasto. EVERGREEN SHORT FLATS - SIZE: 2, 4 & 6 The Evergreen Short Flat allows for a sharper and more precise edge and is a softer synthetic which makes a more delicate mark than an Ivory Short Flat. The short hair allows for more control, which is ideal for blocking in and impasto work. IVORY RIGGER - SIZE: 4 The Ivory is synthetic bristle at its best, a cross between the feel of nylon and hog bristle. The rigger shape is similar to a round but with much longer hair, also referred to as a "script" brush. IVORY FAN - SIZE: 2 Fan brushes use a special ferrule which spreads the hairs to form a fan shape. Used for several effects including grasses, fur and often for blending.

The Ivory fibres have been sandblasted with shards of glass, which make them firm, and wear down well. They clean really easily, and last a lot longer than your average synthetics would. The Ivories will be a good work horse for you, and many of the leading artists all over the world consider these their go-to brushes. Plein Air painters love them too for how quickly they clean up! All brushes have the long 11" handle The 12 brushes come with a heavy duty Khaki Waxed canvas Roll-up brush pouch to protect and organise when out Plein air painting.

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