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Here's a fun little time-lapse

This is a painting I made for the Corey Helford Gallery Art Collectors Starters Kit which is currently showing. It was a way to express the loneliness and isolation that many of us are feeling right now. It also reflects the acute need for human connection via the title "we are all that we have". The idea that we often are searching for answers to existential questions about religion, god, the universe etc that are always just outside of our reach. If we focused on what we can wrap out head around like love and out humanity we might find meaning through compassion and empathy.

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Membro sconosciuto
18 nov 2020

Love this! I'm a complete amateur who has only been painting for 4 months, but I always paint from background to foreground. How on earth do you get your edges so perfectly exact when you're painting foreground and background at the same time? I'd make a complete mess of it.

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