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I’d forgotten how long it takes to design a website

Hello!! I sat here in quarantine thinking maybe I can use this time to upgrade my website....Boy that was a mistake! Anyhow, four days later I have something, a new-ish website. It wasn’t half as easy as I thought it might be, but I finally have both my landscape and figurative paintings in one place, I also have the ability to sell and commission original work direct through the website (to come) and most Importantly I have a video section which allows membership subscription to my Tutorials much like the platform Patreon. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for many years but didn’t have the know-how or the means to do it.

I’ve recently done a test run to make sure I have the capacity to film a full tutorial. I must admit there were quite a few errors and teething problems but I now feel confident that I can edit and film a tutorial that hopefully will have some value to those wishing to subscribe.

heres a little snippet of the video:

The full version is available on my website for free as a sample of the quality of the subscription. You’d simply need to sign up to watch it. Signing up Also allows me to send you newsletters and keep you informed on what’s new with my life and career. I promise I won’t bombard your email box with daily mails but I’ll try and be a bit more current than my usual ‘once a year’.

I’d love to hear your feedback and please keep my informed if I’ve missed something or some aspect of the site is not working, I really need all the help I can get. Also, if you have any splendid ideas that you think might boast the look, feel and functionality of the new website...I’m all ears!!

Be safe out there!!


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