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Plein Painting in Camarillo

Hello Friends, I managed to go out painting this morning. I took some new tools with me. The first was a new Bag carrier/foldout chair called the Artcomber. It worked like a charm. The second was Gamblins FastMatte white paint, which was amazing, especially with the Liquin Impasto I am now using. The whites were crisp, sticky and dried in no time. Really useful for adding a more opaque highlight and keeping the paints from getting over muddy. The last was a new video camera so I could film the entire painting. It nearly worked, with the exception of the wrong exposure I chose wrong and the position of the camera, I nudged it half way through without realising and it ended up showing mostly my shoulder for the last half. I also need to use my external mic to make the sound clearer and less wind. Silly mistake but one I shall learn from. I hope you enjoy the blog and the final painting. Please let me know your thoughts. If you enjoy this blog and feel like you'd benefit from learning more, Head over the the tutorials page and consider subscribing to my membership channel where you'll have access tofu length tutorials and lots more!

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