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Two new Full length Tutorials added!

I've added two full length tutorials to both the $4.99 and $9.99 membership pages. Both paintings are exploring my new found love for Casein painting. I have sped the videos up two times and added a voice over so that they are both about and hour long each. I hope to phase out my subscription video channels and replace them with these new memberships. This is because the video subscription is a third party app and doesn't give me any information to stay in contact with those who have subscribed. The new membership page is integrated into the WIX website and allows for me to grow and add multiple tiers of membership as I go along. It also allows the paying members access to manage their own account directly through the website, cancel or upgrade, create wishlists, chat with other members etc.

As a member you have exclusive access to your level of membership page and I have plans for all sorts of cool and exciting perks, from live chats, live streaming, personal art feedback, 8 week tutorials, dvds, behind the scenes, free digital downloads of many things!!!!

Hopefully, I can encourage those who have subscribed to the old video channels to cancel and re-sign up as new members to either the Basic or Advanced Membership. It is exactly the smae price so nothing is lost but so much is gained. For the time being I will keep the video subscription channels active until I have spoken directly to all those who current subscribe. If you are interested please use the Membership page and choose from one of the two packages currently available! Thank so much for your support!!! I am very grateful.

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4 komentáře

Neznámý člen
19. 3. 2021

Well that sounds exciting! I am looking forward to the changes. Will the first video channel just phase itself out?

To se mi líbí
Neznámý člen
19. 3. 2021
Reakce na

Not really sure if I cancelled. I was getting the 10$ per month channel. I logged out, but I don’t think that is the same as cancelling. Also how do I sign up for this channel ?

To se mi líbí
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