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Nanuk, Banished to Perish

Nanuk, Banished to Perish

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Original oil on canvas painting

Canvas size 18 x 24”

Framed size 24” x 30”

My Painting titled 'Nanuk, Banshed to Perish' is another painting about our human condition. How we often look at nature as the enemy and as threatening but fail to realise that we are 'of' nature ourselves and if we were to put our trust in it, instead of going against the grain, we would find peace and harmony. The mother bear represents nature and the vulnerable girl is our condition. However in this painting, we are a pivitol point in our evolution where we have a chance to save or ruin the home that we all, including 'the wild creatures' occupy. Our only home.


Due to the size of the piece and customs regulations we may not be able to ship overseas. If you live outside the US please email us to discuss options before making your purchase.

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