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Our tethered soul

Our tethered soul

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Original oil on canvas painting

Canvas size 24 x 32”

Framed size 32” x 40”

My Painting titled 'Our Tethered soul' was inspired by the poems of Sufi Poet Rumi. The painting represents a paradox of our human condition. The idea that we are tethered to the soil by our earthly body while our mind and consiousness is free to soar through the universe. The struggle to consolidate our godlike mind with our animal body which inevitably deteriorates and dies. The bird, hanging, trapped from a tether represents our spirit while the girl wades deep into the cold waters of physical human nature.


Due to the size of the piece and customs regulations we may not be able to ship overseas. If you live outside the US please email us to discuss options before making your purchase.

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