Welcome to my Subscription Channels

Entry Level Channel




Access to painting videos that show my process of composing, underpainting and basic blocking-in a painting.  This involves establishing shadow and light, organizing the halftones, and working  up the underlying structure and light tone. 

Advanced Level Channel




Access to painting videos that show my process of finishing a painting.  This involves refining the shadow shapes and light shape, resolving the hues and values. finishing the details and balancing the focal point within the composition.

PLUS access to live streaming

This channel is available to you free if you sign up. By signing up you will have exclusive access to new products, events and sales via my news letter. I publish a newsletter no more than 3 newsletters a month so I promise you will not be bombarded with spam

This Membership page is a platform that allows the people who want to learn about my techniques to gain access to my work directly.

Why should you become a Member?
The videos that I make available through this page are for both art appreciators and aspiring artists as well. Each video shows the stages that my paintings go through on their way to becoming a finished artwork.


  • You will be able to watch me work with oil paint on different substrates such as linen, canvas and gessoed panel.

  • During these videos I will work on portraits, figurative work and landscapes using a variety of both traditional and contemporary techniques.

How often do Members get charged? 
Once per month. So whether I upload two videos per month (it will usually be two) or more you will be charged the same amount. For example, if you sign up at the $5 level, no matter how much I post, you will only ever be charged $5 per month.