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After another week of chaos

Hello my friends. How was your week? Friday is here again, if you’re reading this, I’m relieved you’re safe after another week of chaos.

I didn’t go out to paint today. I wanted to stay in the studio and try out some new substrates, specifically loose canvas. Today I worked on a sample of claessen #12 Double oil primed. I also have a piece of #15 single primed to try. I want to invest in a large roll but need to find the right feel. I had high hopes but I didn’t quite get on with this surface as well as I had hoped sadly. Maybe the single primed will be better for me. The purpose of moving away from gesso or canvas boards is to allow more freedom to choose compositions and formats when studying outdoors. Too often I’ve taken a 8x10 or an 11x14 and whished I had a square or smaller/larger when I found my motive. With a piece of canvas I can tape off an area to fit my needs and adhere the canvas to a board if I ever chose to frame it.

Anyhow, here’s the scene I saw while chasing after my mischievous youngest son while he tried to escape from the most wonderful party at a winery in Provence. It was so humid and as the sun was setting the warm orange red light was just licking the tops of the trees and buildings. Beautiful!!! I’m going to pop more photos up on my blog at my website so head over there if you’re interested. Have a safe weekend.

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