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Big in Turkey!!!!

Hello my friends!! Yes, I'm going to call you friends because I'm confident that if I met you I would probably think you're ace, so we'd be friends, I'm just preempting it.

I woke up to a very pleasant surprise this morning, I checked my Plein Air instagram and to my astonishment I had over a thousand more followers. In my sleepy bewilderment I couldn't quite figure out how or why. After a coffee I discovered that one of Turkey's social media influencer superstars, with 8 Million followers on instagram, had taken it upon himself to repost some of my paintings. Now I'm not new to this game and I'm a little torn because I'm pretty sure that after a little while, when most of those new followers don't understand a word I'm saying and vice versa, they'll start to leave and my forward momentum will appear to halt or even go backwards. The same happened over at my @richardjoliver account. I'm not one to look gift horse in the mouth but I had hoped to grow my Plein air account organically and engage personally with each and every new person that chooses to follow. Plus, even though I understand how it works, It's still a little disappointing when the numbers start to drop, or at least it still sends my gut the wrong signals.

or........I'll have to learn Turkish.

Plein air Friday. I headed out early this morning when it was still overcast, and adventured to the Santa Monica Mountains. I was riding my bike there a few weeks ago and came across a wonderful scene with the stream running through, although when I arrived this morning the road was closed and I didn't have it in me to walk the 3 or 4 miles to the spot. I decided to try a few other areas that I had seen I was pleased to find a quiet little spot on Truinfo Canyon. I plan clambered down a hillside to the stream and set up my easel to paint while it was overcast. Within about 20 minutes the sun was out and it again was completely different scene. I did as much as my eyes could handle until the brightest part of the day and then brought my painting back to the studio to finish. Here is the full video blog of my experience, I hope you enjoy it. I would really like to get your feedback so please leave a comment to let me know this blog is working.

Thank you!

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